The realm of hypernova DESIGN n+1 The Metamorphosis of the Campfire Student Counseling Service KISDtalk: Double Feature!

The realm of hypernova

(Time and space died yesterday) 19–25 Januar, Passagen 2015

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KISD takes part in the PASSAGEN 2015 exhibits. A fascinating exhibition of works somewhere between art, design and research, showing the positions and potentials of design beyond disciplinary and...

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The Metamorphosis of the Campfire

Passagen 2015 KISD is pleased to invite you to an exciting trip through ideas and experiments of how food is prepared and what changing social conditions are involved. The exhibition focuses on the...

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Student Counseling Service

All appointments take place in the assembly hall, room 137 at 9 a. m.

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KISDtalk: Double Feature!

Lecture and discussions, with Stefan Karp and Lyn Godley, 20.01.2015, 5.30 p. m.

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