flexiON is an investigation into interaction with future paper-thin light sources. The key interest in its development was the interaction with a source of light with simple and intuitive gestures. Simply by folding a flat piece of paper into a lamp shade the light is dimmed on. Its paper-thin materiality is maintained by integrating a bend sensor aesthetically and functionally onto the surface of the paper turning it into an integrative part of the light source.



Different folding positions modify the lights quality.



flexiON is a lightweight lamp that can easily be attached to walls, ceilings or function as an autonomous table light. In its off state it is completely flat occupying only a minimum of space. Bending the paper creates a soft indirect light.




How does it work?

A custom paper bend sensor was developed for the prototype of flexiON. The full documentation of the sensor can be accessed at interactive materiality. In short: By placing creases on top of a stripe of conductive ink the bending of the paper alters the resistance of the stripe. This is measured and converted by a micro-controller regulating the brightness of the LED.




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