Information Spaces, Referat im Seminar "Next Generation Interfaces" ; Ralf Bähren, Mai 2003



ARCHEOGUIDE (2003) Augmented Reality based Cultural Heritage On-site GUIDE
Fraunhofer Institut: IGD Darmstadt & andere


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Archeoguide will build a system providing new ways of information access at cultural heritage sites in a compelling, user-friendly way through the use of advanced IT including augmented reality, 3D-visualization, mobile computing, and multi-modal interaction. The system will provide the following features to visitors:

The ArcheoGuide is a project funded by the EU (IST-1999-11306) with the goal to provide new ways of information access at cultural heritage sites.

The contorsium is developping a mobile AUGMENTED REALITY system that will allow the visitor to see computer generated reconstruction on the site and get information in context with his position. Special topics are 3D-visualization on mobile unit, multi-modal interaction, user-friendly interface, and out-door tracking. As a first trial site , we have selected anciant Olympia in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic games.

The work of the A4 department focuses on this last task and develop image based calibration and tracking tools for Augmented Reality. With help of different views of a scene, the camera postion and 3D structure are recovered, what ables to place and render corretly the virtual models in the images. On the site, the visitor motion are determined first coarsly with GPS and Compass and then refined with computer vision method in order to get good alignment between real and virtual objects.

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