Double Degree

The M.A. »Integrated Design« is a 3-semester study course. We offer our students the opportunity to apply for the Double Degree Program with our Partner Universities Tongji University in Shanghai, China and Chiba University in Chiba, Japan.

Double Degree Students leave KISD after two semesters in order to study two more semesters at the respective host university, thereby prolonging the study course by one semester. After finalizing their M.A. Thesis and presenting to their host university, KISD students return to Cologne for their final exam.

Semesters Abroad

Our Master students are also encouraged to apply for a semester abroad in one of our partner universities (, if it fits their individual study plan and M.A. project. This will also automatically prolong their studies by the time spent abroad. Students will return to KISD and finalize their M.A. Thesis within one semester.