When you begin your studies at the KISD you would like to have access to the network services and digital resources. Therefore you need an user account, which you can set up using this web pages.

Attention please: Setting up your KISDaccount is only possible if you already have a valid ‘Matrikelnummer’ (it’s a number you get from the university office when you register) and if we already imported your data from the university office.

Why do I need a KISDaccount?

The account provides access to different services of the KISD

  • access to the course selection
  • access to the KISDspaces (a study platforme where internal information are published)
  • an E-Mail address for the internal communication at KISD

What you should not do…

Your user account provides access to many services. If someone should attain unauthorized access to these services, that can mean a high risk for the data security and the privacy, possibly in addition dangers in relation to copyrights etc.

  • please use a secure password
  • do not pass your account information to other persons. Even not, if these are related to the KISD and themselves owners of an account.

Create your account

From now on you, if everything works well, should need no longer than five minutes.

I want to set up my account now!

If you should have difficulties during the setup of your account, please contact the administrators.