Online Study Guidance for the BA course Integrated Design
On Friday, March 25 at 9:00 the last online study guidance in this semester takes place. You can participate without reservation, ask questions and gather information.

Access data for the Zoom meeting
Meeting-ID: 702 714 2331, Passcode: grosshans

You don’t have to install Zoom to participate. To use Zoom in the browser, click on the link above …

  • You will be invited to install Zoom or open the Zoom app. Decline both pop-ups.
  • When Zoom after clicking on “klicken Sie hier” wants to open the app again, decline again.
  • A link appears “treten Sie über Ihren Browser bei [join using your browser].”
  • Click on the link and insert your name.
  • Accept the terms of use, and you will join the meeting.
  • Now you can change the settings as usual.

Source (German): CHIP

It’s also possible to participate by phone. Just dial one of the numbers

  • +49 69 3807 9883
  • +49 695 050 2596
  • +49 69 7104 9922
  • +49 30 5679 5800

and transmit the Meeting-ID: 702 714 2331 and the Passcode: grosshans.


Date 25. March 2022

Time 9:00 am - 11:00 am