Double Degree

The M.A. »Integrated Design Research« is a four-semester study course. We offer our students the opportunity to apply for the Double Degree Program with our Partner Universities D&I College of Design at Tongji University in Shanghai/China and Chiba University in Chiba/Japan. A third program with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taipei/Taiwan is being set up and will complement the two programs during 2022.

M.A. students need to apply after the first semester during their studies to be accepted as a Double Degree student with one of our partner schools. Double Degree students leave KISD during their studies for two full semesters to study abroad. After finalizing their M.A. Thesis and presenting to their host university, KISD students return to Cologne for their final exam.

As a result of this outstanding program, successful graduates will both hold a degree from TH Köln / KISD (MA Integrated Design) and the partner University (MA or MSc).

MEDes (Master of European Design)

This unique program addresses students having graduated at the MEDes program in our B.A. and proceed in the Master. For further information have a closer look at our page about the MEDes.

Semesters Abroad

If their research requires it,  Master students are also able to apply for a semester abroad in one of our partner universities ( Depending on the program and course match, this might prolong their studies by the time spent abroad.