The Deutschlandstipendium supports particularly talented students on their way to professional and social responsibility. Thus, young dedicated design students, regardless of their background and family income, have the chance of getting an exceptional education. The goal of the Deutschlandstipendium is to promote social innovation. At KISD, new developments are not only promoted from a technical point of view, but also taught with an awareness of a future-oriented way of working.

KISD trains innovative and open designers who work interdisciplinary. Progress, social responsibility, as well as socio-ecological and political factors are of great importance in the work of the students.

Studying at KISD means being in an international and vibrant atmosphere. Studying at KISD also means to foster commitment to private projects. The Deutschlandstipendium is a scholarship funded by private sponsors and the German government. In this respect, it is exceptional because it supports regional networking and connects business and education. Also, the relationship between funded students and sponsors is special, because – as a sponsor – there is the possibility to support students from specific disciplines. In addition, it is possible to actively participate in the selection process. This is an opportunity to meet future employees as well.

This is an opportunity to meet future workers, too. In addition to being in contact with the students, you can build a personal relationship and gain exclusive insights into the various areas of KISD and the design studies and disciplines. You will also enjoy a special position in our institute.
Your advantages as a sponsor:

  • Regular and personal invitations to KISD events
  • These events include KISDconnect, our networking event, and the KISDparcours,
    our annual round tour of exhibits and projects
  • Larger pitches and preferred allocation of space
  • Personal tour during the KISDparcours

KISD students work in a variety of industries and have a broad portfolio. Promoting KISD students means investing in the future of Germany.
The Deutschlandstipendium is both aid and distinction for the scholarship recipients. Support the Deutschlandstipendium and help to promote the responsible designers of tomorrow. From a start-up to a DAX company, from an association to private individuals: anyone can become a sponsor.

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Several KISD students have already been sponsored by the following companies.

Radicant designes how companies behave: content, language and visual.

We help formulate visions and strategies and make them tangible for customers, employees and other stakeholders. We identify strengths and potentials and express them. We enable our customers to communicate effectively and efficiently. We are a team of brand strategists, corporate and UX designers. Our design claim: Style & Strategy.

Radikant was founded in 2011 by KISD graduates. Even today, we like to remember the KISD, since we have learned a lot there and made formative experiences. For this reason, we are happy to support the Deutschlandstipendium.

SapientRazorfish is the partner for business transformation. They help companies to successfully reorganize, network and redefine themselves through customer focus and the use innovative technology. They explore different views, focusing on customer experience and digital processes, which are critical to a company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

As a creative cell of healthcare communication, since 1990 antwerpes stands for infectious ideas and concepts. Because they are innovative, different and forward-thinking. Because they have the know-how, the latest technologies and a cross-media approach, they widen perspectives. Antwerpes ag belongs to the Doccheck Group and has about 125 employees on board.

For more than 125 years, the name “Bosch” has combined forward-looking technology with pioneering inventions that have made history. Bosch is a global company that operates in a wide range of areas.