Integrated Design Research

The Köln International School of Design of TH Köln pursues a transdisciplinary research approach that combines design issues with scientific methods. In line with the course offerings in Integrated Design, research projects are carried out that contribute to the study of design, its preconditions, contexts and effects from different perspectives find out more.

From the perspective of integrated design research, design is understood as an overarching process of material-based experimentation that can be methodologically open in all media of design. The concept of material presupposed here goes beyond notions of physical matter. It links digitality and materiality in a new way and also integrates apparent »immaterials« such as light, code, sound, color, DNA, language or technologies. This open concept of materiality and design raises questions whose socio-political, economic and ecological dimensions must be critically considered.

Research is also understood as an open search and questioning movement, which in turn is characterized by different media and methods. Thinking practice and material-bound thinking are understood as equal, yet different, so that scientifically guided reflection, experimental design and artistic knowledge production appear simultaneously in the field of integrated design research. Research projects are located in the four transdisciplinary clusters of the Cologne International School of Design: Material Systems & Lab Culture, Social & Public Innovation, Urban Intensities & Resources or Visual Cultures & Politics.

The Köln International School of Design also uses the research structures of the TH Köln to support both interdisciplinary collaboration and a focus on specific topics: Prof. Birgit Mager contributes to the Research Focus »Digital Technologies and Social Services« at TH Köln.

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler, Prof. Philipp Heidkamp and Prof. Andreas Wrede head the Research Center »Echtzeitstadt | Real-Time City« at TH Köln.

Image: »Solar Furnace System« by Wei-Li Wong.