Complex problems of design cannot be solved within the boundaries of a single design or scientific discipline. They require the knowledge and expertise of researchers from various fields of science and design. Therefore, KISD has established the new event format KISDconferences to foster knowledge transfer. KISDconferences open up the possibility of a temporary, intense exchange of researchers of design, architecture, humanities, natural sciences and technology.

KISDconferences consider design as a process of producing knowledge and reflecting structures. This perspective aims at both questioning established scientific boundaries and assigning design a new fundamental place between the humanities, natural sciences, and technology. KISDconferences systematically expand to connect different approaches of design thinking and acting in order to initiate a profound thinking beyond subject-specific and technological competences and to focus on socially relevant interdisciplinary issues.

Within the scope of this new format, professors of KISD organize conferences and workshops on special design issues as well as on the KISD’s key themes together with the participation of international experts. These events, which are addressed to an interested public, intend to communicate research results, want to establish links between different fields of knowledge, and also present the strengths of KISD’s Integrated Design approach.