Studying at KISD

Students studying design today give crucial impulses to the definition of their own profession and to their own scope of tasks and duties. This is a complex challenge, which we approach together and enthusiastically. Find about more about our BA and MA courses here… more

Since winter 2008, we offer the program Bachelor of Arts »Integrated Design«. Within this four-year program, students have the possibility to study in at least ten of twelve different areas of expertise and by doing so learn about a broad spectrum of design disciplines with different aspects and main focuses. This unique interdisciplinarity emerges from a wide array of modes of teaching, which build the basis for individual curricular vitae of the students. The other option, an international program called MEDes (Master of European Studies in Design), is a program in which the students combine their study at KISD with two years study abroad at two different European partner universities. Applications can be submitted once a year. The application period ends on April 1 every year.

The study program Master of Arts »Integrated Design« offers a unique postgraduate study opportunity giving you the chance to pursue your specific design research interest in-depth and build upon your previous work or study experience. Over the course of three semesters, you will explore your field of expertise, discover new design perspectives, and incorporate an interdisciplinary element – ultimately relating your work to a global context. Students are given the opportunity to have a “Double Degree Program” with KISD’s partner universities (for example Tongji University, Shanghai, China, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan). Applications are open from August 1 until October 1 every year.

Additionally, we offer the innovative study program Master of Sciences »Product Design and Process Development« which was developed in close cooperation with experts in mechanical and industrial engineering from TH Köln’s campus Gummersbach. The three to four semester study program offers participants a close collaboration with other disciplines and with players in industry and commerce and features interdisciplinary research projects.