In order to ensure a consistent distribution of students to courses, please acknowledge the following rules.

Lower semesters preferred

Students with lower semester numbers are given priority with regard to courses/events which are important to attend in particular at the beginning of studies, for example:

  • so called easy-pieces-projects
  • courses (K1, K2, K3)
  • language courses (K1S)
Higher semesters preferred

Students with higher semester numbers are given priority to lower semester students with regard to the following courses/events:

  • projects (LP, MP, KP)
  • scientific seminars (WS)
  • student working groups (AG)
Procedure in case of identical semester numbers

If students have an identical number of semesters, »first come, first serve« applies.

If there is a course/event not listed on the course election platform, the respective teacher is free to apply other criteria for course allocation. In this regard, please directly contact the course instructor for selection criteria.

In choosing your courses, please consider the fact that free places in a course you are interested in are dependent on a) the number of course applicants, b) the number of your semesters. At the end of the period of course selection, please be so kind to check on the intranet whether your chosen courses are listed here. If you have not been listed or maybe have dropped out for any reason, please register for free places in other courses.

After choosing courses during selection week, in a second phase you have the option of registering for free spots in KISDspaces: Search there for the associated Space of the desired course – subscribe by clicking »Notify me« within the settings menu. In doing so, please take into consideration that this way of registering is also binding for your later course attendance (see rules for course selection).

Please take into account that your course supervisor expects you to attend the course after you have been registered and being approved for it after the course selection period. If you are unable to attend for important reasons, you are asked to contact the course instructor in order to tell him the reasons for your non-attendance.