Are you starting your studies at KISD this term? Please find below detailed information and links for a successful start.

campusID, KISDaccount, WLAN and more

A user account is required enabling you to choose your courses, log in at the course-related portal of “KISDspaces” and use any other service offered by KISD or TH Köln during your studies. Below, you will find all you need to know about the campusID, KISDaccount, WLAN etc.

Why do I need a campusID?

During enrollment you will receive your personal university account from the TH Köln by mail. That is your campusID.
It consists of a login name and a password.

At the campusID-Center you can change your password and set up forwarding of your university emails to your private email address.

The campusID will permit you to use many university services, such as

  • access to the Internet via the TH Köln WLAN
  • Internet access via APs of other German universities (eduroam)
  • access to the intranet of the TH Köln
  • access to the university network via VPN
  • Examinations Office (PSSO)
  • semester ticket NRW print service
  • your email account
Important information

Please note that your campusID and all related services are only valid as long as you are enrolled. As soon as you are removed from the register of students, these services will be disabled with immediate effect.

You will be removed from the register of students once you have completed your studies or if you fail to re-register in time or if you do not pay your semester fees in time.

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Why do I need a KISDaccount?

After enrolling as a regular student, your data will be transferred to KISD by the university administration and you will be invited by email to create a KISDaccount. This KISDaccount allows you to use various KISD services, including:

  • access to applications on KISDspaces (Course Blogs, Study Journal, KISDbiblio, KISDmedia, KISDarchiv, etc.)
  • access to the digital choice of courses
  • an email address for internal communication

The KISD-email address is only meant to receive emails, which can then be forwarded to your private email.

How to create a KISDaccount?

On receipt of the email invitation, you can create a KISD account. When you do, please consider the following:

  • choose a login name with a maximum of 8 characters and a password
  • open your account by using this login name and your temporary password. Your KISD email address has the following format: (
  • immediately set up email forwarding to your private email address or the email address of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (KISDspaces > Profile > Click to edit your profile)
  • upload a photo of yourself for the account
    (KISDspaces > Profile > Click to edit your profile)

The KISDspaces is a course-related platform that will be used by you over the next years. Here you can:

  • read and publish internal messages
  • find out what is happening at KISD on the KISD Kalender (calendar)
  • get information about your studies and the KISD services
  • manage your courses
  • maintain your personal study journal (KISDmember)
  • browse the archive (KISDarchiv)
  • access video material and tutorials (KISDmedia)
  • get and give book recommendations (KISDbiblio)
  • check out an overview of all courses (KISDtimeline)
  • and much more

Please note that you need a KISDaccount in order to use the KISDspaces.

The TH Köln provides WLAN coverage for the whole university campus. If you want to use it, a VPN-configuration and your campusID are required. The TH Köln offers two different services.

VPN client (virtual private network)

In order to login to the TH Köln network, you need to install compatible VPN software on your system, then connect to the appropriate wireless local area network (WLAN) and verify your identity via the VPN client.

Some laptops/smartphones/tablets come with the software preinstalled. If not, it will need to be installed separately. Only a few operating systems are incompatible. The VPN system prevents simultaneous access by more than one terminal.

More information

eduroam stands for »Education Roaming«. It is a service that allows you to get WLAN access at other universities by means of the Cologne campusID.

Eduroam is primarily meant for guests. Therefore, its access to the services of the TH Köln is limited.

More information

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please consult the Campus-IT website or contact students and tutors at the KISD computer studio (C-Lab, room 409). For questions regarding your campusID, its validity or resetting the password, please contact the faculty administrator in room 410 or use the contact form.

The Campus-IT of the TH Köln offers a variety of services. Please do not hesitate to make use of them:

Information on course selection

How can I choose courses? Where and when? What has to be considered? Please find below the most important information regarding course selection:

Full information on the courses offered in the next semester can be found on the KISD course calendar.

Information on the structure of the semester and all important dates can be found on the semester calendar.

A glance at the course formats and the week structure will help you come to terms with the different projects, seminars and course offers. For information on individual types of courses, please visit study concept.

How can I register for the courses? What has to be taken into consideration when combining the courses? Are there any rules or tips to consider? How do I get offered a place?

Please read our information on workload, course selection, our rules regarding the allocation of courses as well as our information on how to get places on courses.

You have the freedom and choice of courses at KISD. Generally, you can choose (almost) anything that is of interest to you – there are no semester limitations, nor are there courses restricted to specific semesters. That’s great, but you probably still have a lot of questions. Here are some tips for bachelor students:

Credit points (CP) are given for attending courses. The course calendar will inform you of the number of credit points given for the individual courses. When choosing your courses, please remember that you will need to collect approx. 30 CP each semester.

Please find below an example of how the individual types of courses in the first semester could be divided:

  • 12 CP for projects (e.g. two medium-term projects, or two short-term projects plus one medium-term project)
  • 4 CP for a scientific seminar
  • 2 CP for working groups (AG)
  • 6 CP for courses and technical seminars
  • 1 CP for the initial project called»Cologne Resources« (this project is obligatory and doesn’t need to be selected by you)
  • 1 CP for the English course »Rhetoric for Designers« (this course is obligatory and doesn’t need to be selected by you)
  • 4 CP for the reflection module (this module is also obligatory)

Tip: In the first semester we highly recommend that you participate in a technical seminar and technical courses.

Learn more about the course selection, the time needed for the courses or the studies in general, by reading our frequently asked questions FAQs.

International Degree-Seeking Students

The International Affairs Office of TH Köln maintains a website for International Degree-Seeking Students with information on visas, accomodation, insurance, … Please have a look!