The course selection for students to register for selected courses takes place online at KISDspaces. Please find here a detailed description of the registration and selection process. Please note that your preferences for selected courses can only be taken into account during a limited time period within that procedure.

I. Choose online

In order to select courses, you need an activated campusID. With this you can log into KISDspaces and enroll for your desired courses in the Course Selection Space. When deciding which courses to choose, you should always keep in mind the rules for course selection and the workload that you expect from the course in question. You will get instant feedback if you are currently in the course. However, the order of the places on the participant list may change during the selection period: new applicants with a different priority may cause you to lose your spot or “move up” and get a spot. So, just before the end of the selection week, check again to see if you still get your first choice and, if necessary, sign up for projects that still have openings.

If you did not reach all of your choices, you can now choose a second time in stage 2

II. Choose manually via Spaces

The online phase of event selection is over and you still have free capacity to attend further courses? Then you can now register via Spaces. To do so, go to the Space of the project/seminar/course you want to join and register as a participant. If there is no Space available yet, please contact the lecturer by e-mail and ask him/her to create one.

This form of registration must also comply with the rules for registration. Free places that are occupied in this way are safe and your participation is considered binding by the lecturers. If you are not able to participate in a course after all, please write an e-mail to the lecturerto cancel your registration.

If you can only put your name on a waiting position, you have the possibility to choose a third time in stage 3:

III. Choose at first meeting

If you couldn’t sign up at all, you can still come to the starting appointment/first session of the course. Often not everybody shows up. The lecturer also may decide to take one or two more people in if the project type allows this. The later the course starts in the semester, the more likely there will be some free places in the course.