The course selection for students to register for selected courses takes place online at a respective online platform offered by KISD. Please find here a detailed description of the registration and selection process. Please note that your preferences for selected courses can only be taken into account during a limited time period within that procedure.

I. Choose online

You can only select your preferred seminars and projects in the selection period.

Apply via the KISD selection portal

After successful matriculation you will get a matriculation number. With this number you can create an KISDaccount here.

With your KISDaccount you can log in and choose your preferred projects, seminars, and everything else. During the selection period (usually one week) you can enroll for each course and cancel enrollment as often you like. The system will not allow enrolling for two projects concurrently (set of rules). You will get instant feedback if you are currently in the course. However, the order of the places on the participant list may change during the selection period because other students will also enroll and cancel enrollment (live evaluation).

It is a good idea to check shortly before the selection period ends if you still are in chosen courses. Otherwise, please switch to another project with still available places.

Apply via email

Should you not have access to the KISD selection portal until the last day of the selection period, there is the possibility to hand in your preferred choices by email. The timeline, the plan of semester as well as the event calendar (download section) will help you in making decisions and in taking care of the rules for course selection. Be sure that you also pay attention to the priorities of place allocation.

Send the email containing your course choices on last day of the selection period until midnight to or use our contact form.

Please include the following information in this email:

  • given name and family name
  • if available: matriculation number, if not: date of birth
  • if not from Germany: your country
  • title of the course
  • number of the course
  • type of the course

Only after the selection period has ended, the email choices are filled into our intranet system. Finally, the evaluation of all course selections takes place according to well-known priorities.

The complete lists of participants will be available as PDF document for download via the intranet shortly after the end of the selection process. At the same time, the lists are displayed at KISD at the black board. Those who sent their choices via email and are still not able to log into the KISD intranet may demand for geting the lists via email (mail to semesterplanung(at)

If you are on the list and got a place, the project manager will obligingly await you in first meeting. If you cannot join the course, please send an email to the lecturer and tell him/her that your place is free again.

If you did not reach all of your choices, you can now choose a second time in stage 2:

II. Choose manually

If you could not be placed in all of the projects/seminars for which you signed up, you may still register manually for a free place onto the occupancy lists. The lists can be found on the bulletin board on the first floor (US: second floor) beside the secretary room. Please bear in mind again the selection rules. Handwritten registration for free places will be seen as a binding agreement by the teachers. If you cannot join the course, please send an email to the lecturer and tell him/her that your place is free again.

If you can only put your name on a waiting position, you have the possibility to choose a third time in stage 3:

III. Choose at first meeting

If you are on a waiting position or if you couldn’t sign up at all, you can still come to the starting appointment/first session of the course. Often not everybody shows up. The lecturer also may decide to take one or two more people in if the project type allows this. The later the course starts in the semester, the more likely there will be some free places in the course.