In selecting seminars and courses for the forthcoming semester, please consider in advance the workload resulting from it. The following items can be helpful tool.

In the course calendar, you will find for each event/course/activity days and time slots which will schedule your personal meetings with your teachers. Furthermore, you will have to take into account and consider a further amount of time for respective other activities (for example independent work at home, time for reading, getting to know programs, reflecting on tutorials, meetings with teaching and student groups, personal meetings with instructors). According to general knowledge and calculation, a course/seminar will account for 30 hours workload for one single credit point. However, the real amount in your workload depends on various items.

  • kind of project/course/seminar and the results expected from it
  • your affinity towards the topic and your talent in handling the assigned task
  • instructors‘ demands and your way of coping with it
  • your personal demands and settings for quality and good work

It might happen that a course/project/seminar might include less than 30 hours of workload for one credit point. However, some other courses might include more than 30 hours. The highest workload, as a matter of experience, you will have in your projects since you will have to learn and deliver your assignments almost on a daily basis. The more you have studied at KISD, the more you will be able to calculate these items and your possible and final workload.

Week Overview: Time Slots for Course Meetings (Example)

Grey-shaded courses and events are mandatory.