Prof. Michael Gais, Prof. Iris Utikal

Despite a forced emphasis of the image, type – our greatest storage medium in the history of civilisation – has asserted itself until the present as an indispensable element of visual communication. Technical innovations and cultural trends have left their mark and have brought about a phenomenal variety of new types and forms of expression and application. The questions as to what is perceived, who is to perceive the contents, and how they are perceived have remained the same.

Typography and layout as a subject deals with these questions, goes into the detail of type representation (micro-typography) and examines its general creative implementation (macro-typography). In the area of conflict between purpose and expression, it looks at things from a cross-media point of view on the basis of each concept developed.

The aim of this subject is to experience the possibilities and effect of type and typography by way of free and practically relevant projects and to get guidance for future creative challenges.