Image and Motion

Since April 2016, Nina Juric is professor for the area of expertise and research area of “Image & Motion“. She lives in Cologne, Berlin, and Europe.

As a designer, filmmaker and artist, her key areas are conceptually strong short formats such as music videos, experimental animation shorts, on air-promotions, type-’n’-motion-clips, interactive video installations, visual music or commercials with keen fashion aesthetic. She is passionate about distinctive styles, expanded cinema, type, music and experimental graphics, high-conceptual art films, scenography, innovative interaction concepts and interfaces of new technologies and generative design.

For more than 15 years, she has been involved in time-based design, production and technology: often in the context of art, real time- and spatial-related subjects where code is involved. Since ever, she understands herself as an all-rounder for new media creation and new formats of experiences.

She studied art and media and postgraduated in TV & Film design at the filmakademie Baden-Württemberg to run riot in the field of arty (audio-)visual communication. She worked for and with artists like Olafur Eliasson or Martin Eder, agencies like Meta Design or Strichpunkt, generative design studios like Onformative and big companies like the Virtual Reality Center of Daimler Chrysler.
In 2014, she was the Creative Director for Concept and Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi Pro, Berlin.

She founded her first company before she even studied, and stayed since that a successful entrepreneur with the motion design studio Nindustrict. Since 2011, she co-founded the typographic concept store Letters Are My Friends indulging in the mix of type and new technologies. The unique and international well-known concept & design studio coined that very term Type & Tech as a synergetic field of both design research areas.

Since 2013, she is been engaged in teaching, for instance at Zurich University of the Arts as a lecturer for Type ’n’ Motion, event-packaging formats (i.e. the ADC Switzerland Awards) and interdisciplinary design practice. In 2015, she served as interim professor for the discipline of audiovisual media for the design department at FH Münster, University of Applied Sciences.

Nina Juric gives lectures and workshops nationally and internationally (2017 Fine Art Cologne / 2016 Selected Europe, Bilbao / OFFF 2016, Barcelona / Typo Berlin 2015 / 2013 Apple Store Typetalk, Berlin / Typotage Leipzig 2015 / HAW Stilvorlagen #10 2016, Hamburg and many more) and is guest at various exhibitions and festivals (OFFF Festival 2016, Barcelona / Retune Festival 2016, Berlin / Tech Open Air, Berlin 2016 / Siggraph 2005 (Special Jury Honors) / Ars Electronica 2005 (Golden Nica) and more).

Her inauguration lecture at KISD was on November 9, 2016, on the topic Bumps & Displacements Tripping on a timeline.


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