Project Type

Middle Term


Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig


Prof. Nina Juric

Guest Lecturer(s)

Eduard Paal

Area of Expertise

Interaction Design

Area of Expertise

Image and Motion


A table that turns charging your phone into a techno-spiritual séance. A ‘progress bar’ where waiting for a drink becomes a meditation about our post-human future. Drones that tell your fortune: At Meta Marathon, a festival for digital culture at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, about 30 students of KISD present works and a living lab that speculate about robots and spirituality.

Meta Marathon is a 42-hour non-stop festival for digital culture. In 2019, it focuses on robotics. For the event, Köln International School of Design is shaping an extraordinary integrated design lab dedicated to a landscape of robot rites: The Voodoo Resistor Club. The areas of expertise Image & Motion and Interaction Design of KISD join forces with a curated design show on robotics and an experimental live conducted practice based design research on rituals ending in a performative night ritual.

The Voodoo Resistor Club is an impertinence. OK. A movement in the night. OK. A resistance in the broadband channel of the Now. OK. A wet observation room with leaking places. Continue. It flickers. It flees. It resists. OK. Where exactly? Continue. Off controlled. Uncontrollably. In the swarm. Over. Black matter. Gray magic. White Pigeon. OK. Black Beauty. Black box. Off. Translucent spell. Technocratic trances. Off. Everything is in xxxx. 404 mojo. Biohypermedia. OK. 3 Oms. 4 Ohms. Oh! Close the button. ESP. Push the button. EPS. Praise the people. OK. Praise the power. Praise the Lord. OK. 5 Ave Maria and 5th Avenue. Amen.

Organization: Prof. Nina Juric (Image & Motion), Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig (Interaction Design), Eduard Paal (Physical Computing Lab)

Location: NRW-Forum, Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf
Festival: 15.3., 7pm until 17.3., 2pm, non-stop

If you are interested to join the club, get in touch.