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Curriculum Vitae

In several former lives, Jenz Großhans completed an apprenticeship as chef, studied computer science and worked as a motor mechanic. He directed a restaurant, a DIY garage and he worked professionally in numerous occupational areas.

He studied product design and visual communication at Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since 1990 he has ran a successful design studio in Cologne together with Dipl. Des. Miriam Arsad.
The main focus of the studio is connected to all facets of Corporate Design. As well as long-term Conceptual Consulting in which workshops and seminars on product ranges, strategic goals and corporate philosophies are developed.
Jenz Großhans has led numerous training sessions for companies and organisations, and he offered his first project at the Köln International School of Design in 1999.

After three years as a »Vertretungsprofessor« /associate professor, he gained full professorship for Design Concepts at KISD in 2002. He regularly executes this theoretical subject in a very practical way, his projects and seminars are on material experiences, advanced transportation, product design, innovative packaging, intercultural peculiarities and further more.
Jenz Großhans has taught at several universities in Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan and Brazil; he often works on projects about similarities and differences in daily life between cultures.

»The main focus of my teaching is the imparting of conceptual and transdisciplinary thinking. Structured planning and linear work as an integral element of rational design solutions, is in an exciting contrast with free, emotional approach and associative play. At the pendulum between these poles the designer has the task to find a meaningful focus.«
»I attach great importance to the imparting of basic competences within the actual project work at the »Cologne Model« of design education. In this context, design is more than just the process-by-the-book of an isolated field of study. Taking into consideration different neighbouring disciplines contributes to a complete solution – especially today.«


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