Project Type

Middle Term

Area of Expertise

Typography and Layout


The Deutsche Kamerapreis (German Camera Award) is an annual award for cameramen/-women and cutter in German language productions for TV, cinema, and other digital media.

In 2016, the ceremony will take place for the 26th time. The project brief was to design a poster encouraging professionals to submit their work. It is the third poster project in cooperation with Deutscher Kamerapreis Köln e.V., supervised by Prof. Michael Gais and Prof. Iris Utikal.
The poster should communicate both the technical and human aspects of film production, the heritage of the prize, and a future outlook through the use of new technologies. Moreover, the poster should display the dates of both the application deadline and the ceremony itself and full color logos for the Kamerapreis and its 25 partners and sponsors.
Students were given two weeks to create their poster concepts. During that time frame, the group had the possibility to visit the TV studios of WDR Köln under the guidance of Mr. Walter Demonte, head of the WDR camera and sound department.
After several project meetings, the posters were presented in a Friday presentation at KISD, and 30 of them were selected to be presented to the jury. After a long discussion, the jury, consisting of members of the Deutscher Kamerapreis e.V. board, chose two motives: one for the competition in 2016, the other for 2017. Since the project group consisted of 18 international students, it was eventually either a Brazilian and a German poster draft to be the winning ones.

This poster by student Beatriz Ferreira deals with the idea that not only the camera is important to record films, but also the person behind it as well as the relationship between camera and operator. Ferreira created a surrealistic image in which man and camera merge. This motive was chosen to be printed for the 2016 competition.

The technique and the artist behind movie making are essential. This poster »faces« by Marius Barzynski is the visualization of this approach. It shows the symbiosis of the artist and his or her tools. The design plays with the interpretation and imagination on a
broadened semantic level which is important element in the medium of film.

At first glance, viewers of this poster by student Michal Gottesman cannot understand what is shown. By coming closer, the picture slowly reveals itself, and one sees a movie set. It is those people behind the scenes that this poster is dedicated to – they are the ones who make a movie, a scene, a poster interesting. The poster draft wants to shed light on this by this particular approach.

Student Hanna Schumacher chose an image to reveal its meaning at second glance. It is a pile of movie boxes, with handwritten notes, showing the competition’s basic information and dates.

Student Chris Schnedler created his own font in order to highlight the poster’s headline. It was made by analog film as this is still an important and recognizable symbol of the movie sector and the medium of film. On a white cardboard, each letter of the poster was draped and pinned by hand and subsequently photographed. As expected, it turned out that the unruliness of the film material was able to create very interesting shapes for the glyphs.