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Middle Term

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Typography and Layout


12th of November 1918 has been the birth of women’s suffrage in Germany. As 6th nation, 12 years after Finland, 24 years after South Australia, the passive and active right to vote for women was introduced in Germany.

In this project the participants analyzed the actual situation of women in politics in Germany, Europe and worldwide. How many female state representatives are ruling worldwide? Which ministries are dominated by women? What about the women rights a year after elections in USA? …
They developed their own positions to these topics and created possibilities to rise awareness. The results vary between social media account about sexual insane statements to a campaign to show working conditions for women worldwide.

Laura Stöckmann, for example, created the »Instagram account of injustices« to point out all the sexist, insane and outdated statements, paragraphs and actions against women in the year 2018. Especially of people with an impact on others, like leaders of a country, politicians who really could change something or the media and their journalists. She picked Instagram to achieve a high number of people. She also created posters and stickers to raise awareness for #seriesofinjustices.

Alida Stårvik analyzed the actual Gender Gap Report, picked the most unfair points and turned them into postcards to give people a wakeup call. Another approach to talk about feminism and redefine its image, was found by Myrina Andrack, who created a webpage asking people about their opinion about feminism and womens right’s as a first step to start an open discussion. Angelica Padilla Camargo interviewed several women who encountered sexual harassments and created this little booklet with very sensitive illustrations to raise awareness for their and other womens stories. Viktoria Maier-Menzel questioned name and identity and why girls have to adopt the name of their husbands when they marry. Marlon Geistert researched about the rights to work for women all around the world. He found surprising rules why women aren’t allowed to work and developed a series of illustrations in the style of protest posters. The campaign of Yancey Lu speaks from men’s perspective and shows how the society could reduce the traditional pressure and expectations put on men, and then allow women to take on the responsibility.

© Photos: Michaela Patschurkowski