“Hi! Welcome to our Podcast: 'Off Camera: Dismantling Set Inequality'. We are Renée, Ruth, Masha, Matilde and Mariia. In this Podcast, we will take you on an eye-opening journey behind the scenes of the international film industry.”

In the SIP (Self Initiated Project) ‘Off Camera: Dismantling Set Inequality’, KISDstudents Mariia Kolkutova, Masha Kuzmina, Nicole Aschenbrenner, Renée Harth and Yibeige (Ruth) developed a podcast that looks into personal stories of FLINTA* in the media industry. Through candid interviews and insightful discussions, they dove deep into the experiences of FLINTA, their struggles and successes. From the untold facts to the forgotten stories and glorious triumphs, ‘Off Camera’ is a compass navigating the uncharted territory of media’s dark side.

More information on instagram @offcamera_podcast

Link to the Podcast here.

*FLINTA = Female Lesbian Intersex Nonbinary Transgender Agender