KISD students designed the posters as part of a project for the German Camera Award 2024 and 2025.

The Deutsche Kamerapreis (German Camera Award) is presented annually to recognize outstanding cinematographers and editors involved in German-language productions across television, cinema, and various digital media platforms. In the summer semester of 2023, KISD students designed posters for the 34th and 35th German Camera Award (2024/2025) during a midterm project supervised by Professor Iris Utikal.

The project brief was to design a poster motivating professionals to submit their work. Therefore, the main goal was to create a Key Visual, creatively portraying the theme of moving images in the film and television world – something the target group would be able to identify with. Moreover, the poster should display the dates of both the application deadline and the ceremony itself and the logos of the Award and its partners and sponsors. During the project a cinematographer shared her insights with the students, enriching their perspectives on women working in the industry. The underrepresentation of women in cinematography led the students to specially focus on highlighting female cinematographers in their designs to encourage them to submit their works for the competition.

The twenty students presented up to three different design approaches at the KISD Friday presentations and later to the 5-member jury of the German Camera Award committee. The two visuals selected by the Jury to represent the competition for the next two years were created by Luiza Talamini (2024) and Klara Maria Tekath (2025).


Midterm Project SoSe2023
Students: 20
Supervision: Prof. Iris Utikal

Student list

Selina Belli
Michelle Bobst
Karolina Heuer
Ohad Gewurtz
Inga Catherine Grönitz
Klemens Hanke
Heini Ilona Hoskari
Raphael Klug
Anastasia König
Dustin Leenen
Tim Noah Lingens
Hei Ching LO
Enrico Masiero
Jack Morgan
Dorothea Elisabeth Schneid
Timm Sonnenschein
Sophia Katharina Stelter
Luiza Talamini
Klara Maria Tekath
Jessica Martins Zisa


More information about the German Camera Award:


34th German Camera Award 2024, poster by Luiza Talamini