Prof. Jenz Großhans, Prof. Paolo Tumminelli

The communication of conceptional and transdisciplinary thinking. Structure planning as an integral element of rational design solutions in an exciting contrast with a free emotional approach.

Linear work changes with associative drafts. In order to balance these poles, the designer has to find a meaningful focus. The area of »Design Concepts« attaches great importance to the imparting of basic competences within the actual project work at KISD. In this context, design is more than just the processing of an isolated field of study, taking into consideration different neighbor disciplines – especially today – is part of a coherent solution.

Prof. Jenz Großhans

The conceptual approach adds interesting directions to design research. In my academic program, I focus on the social and cultural perspectives of consumption, studying design in a broader context or better: outside of design.

My obvious assumption is that design (or at least its perception) is driven by and within other disciplines. First and foremost obviously marketing and communication. But even (life) style, economy and politics have, as they always had, a huge impact in the process of creation and consumption of design, in all its manifestations. Ideally immaterial, design concepts materialize then in a cloud of happenings and meanings, which seamlessly links the outburst of modern times – thus yesterday’s design – with tomorrow’s world and design to come.

Prof. Paolo Tumminelli