Assistant Dean/Academic Affairs Officer

Curriculum Vitae

Birgit Pawelzik studied translations at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a diploma in 1997 followed by a Master’s Degree as a specified translator in 2005.

Besides her freelance work as a translator, she has lectured in Business English and Academic/Scientific Writing for students and international PhD students at various universities since 2002.

Additionally, Birgit Pawelzik gives English language courses for all levels as well as work-related workshops for the staff of Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

As a skilled industrial business management assistant, Birgit Pawelzik has gained extensive experience in budgeting, project management and management assistance in international companies worldwide. Responsibilities have included preparation of budgets and complex financial reports pertaining to personnel and equipment as well as monitoring budgeting expenditures at all levels.

Since July 2011 she has been the assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of Culture Sciences and to the Director of Köln International School of Design supporting with management of college staff, multi-varied administrative and clerical duties of the office, and other necessary tasks associated with the daily operation of the university.


Köln International School of Design
Ubierring 40
50678 Cologne
Room 117a
+49(0)221 | 8275-3204