Curriculum Vitae

Michael Eichhorm studied architecture and sculpture at Cologne. From the numerous and various activities, which he occupied since that, there has to be pointed out that he was the construction manager for the «Haus der Geschichte» (House of history), Bonn. There he coordinated from 1993-1994 the assembly of the permanent exhibition (5000 qm).

As a free sculpturer he worked for different municipalities and private clients e.g.: the Bankhaus Oppenheim & Cie, Cologne, Hamburg, the Benedikt Taschen Verlag or the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

He created the seven meters high head sculpture «Il Colosso di Zoetermeer» after a draft of the Dutch artist Rob Scholte, partly larger than life stone sculptures or as well the two life sized sculpture of Abraham Oppenheim, which stand today in Cologne and Hamburg.

Eichhorn works as well with plastics and metal. He designed the award object for the international movie- and media music prize, which is awarded every two years in Bonn. This certainly decorates the mantelpiece of many artists.

Sometime he started to use the computer resp. different 3D-programs in the design process for real 3D- objects. And by doing so he started as well with the computer aided design of objects (CAD/CAM).

He broadened his area of activity as well by the modeling of 3D-objects exclusively for the digital world. He designed e.g. the reality close modeling of human organs for an medical atlas. The client was the company ENTEC GmbH, a subsidiary company of the GMD St. Agustin (today Fraunhofer Gesellschaft).

Since 1994 Michael Eichhorn works as a lecturer for 3D design at the Köln International School of Design.


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