The field of 3D-design at the Köln International School of Design concentrates on all three-dimensional forms of appearance, both in the real and virtual worlds. In technical seminars and projects, extracts of these complex areas will be addressed.

The technically-oriented CAD/CAM seminars belong to the context of product design. Here, the basics of 3D-modeling, the creation of CAM- and CNC-data and product visualization are communicated. (CAD = Computer Aided Design, CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing, CNC = Computer Numerical Control). Accompanying projects will deepen the knowledge of digital construction and production, and the practical use of C-technologies will be approved. Regularly the CNC milling-cutter will come into operation used to explain rapid prototyping.

With designs which – due to their techniques/methods of production – follow a new form language can be experimented, new solutions can be explored and tested. An additional area comprises the visualization of 3D-designs and 3D-scenarios. In contrast to the technically-oriented CAD construction seminars, this area focuses on visualisation and animation. Seminars will explain all basic concepts of modelling, raytracing (rendering method) and animation.

Projects within this field will also be offered in which one can train and deepen the learned techniques. Possible subject areas are: Visualization of processes in the micro or macro field, medical visualisation, 3D on the Internet, science fiction filmlets, 3D in advertising media, and more, often in cooperation with the educational field of AV media.

More areas of expertise:

3D design, AV media, digital media, photography