The technical education of photography offers a wide range of seminars in the area of digital and analogue photography. Technical as well as design-related contents form the basic of an analytic approach of practice oriented photography. In order to align the learning process close to reality, all seminars are supported by extensive exercises.

The seminar participants are confronted with complex tasks, which refer to the respective topic. The involved tasks are analysed and developed further jointly. The ability of photographic seeing will be supported lastingly by this process. Furthermore, besides the analogue photography, new, future-oriented solutions of photography will be developed via digital photography and image editing. Certainly, also in the photo studio teamwork is common practice.

Each seminar participant presents their work or strategies to the group. Via description of the content related and technical processes the other participants can use these insights for their own benefit. An additional characteristic of the education in the discipline of photography is the education of the craft of photography. The Köln International School of Design currently has five apprentice photographers which support the students executing hands-on tasks with their technical expertise.

The classes will deal with the following key aspects:

  • Digital photography
    the basics of recording and lighting technology; studio and camera technology
  • Object photography
    Object perception, surface modulation, perspectives and forms of presentation
  • Photographic picture composition
    Surface and room layout, colour arrangement, compositional elements
  • Promotional photography
    Concept analyses, realisation of picture ideas with the possibilities of digital recording and picture editing techniques Processes of recording engineering sequences

The photo studio in addition holds a modern digital and analogue picture recording and studio technology.

More areas of expertise:

3D design, AV media, digital media, photography