In the field of audio-visual media students are asked to get involved with up-to-date production and design of video filming.

The aim is not to qualify specialists in the video branch, such as cameraman, editor, or title and animation designer, but to introduce the students to as multifarious as possible facets of video production with projects and seminars.

Knowledge and abilities in the field of audio-visual media are provided in the following areas:

  • Camera understanding
  • Camera operation
  • Camera technique
  • Digitising and cutting of video material
  • Analogue and digital video format
  • Integration of titles and graphics
  • 2-D animation
  • Special effects
  • Complex mounting techniques of many video sources
  • Integration of 3-D animation into the video world
  • Editing of analogue video sources for the use in multi-media projects or internet, digital compression techniques
  • Audio engineering
  • Audio recording
  • Audio digitising, audio editing
  • Audio post-editing
  • Digital audio formats and compression techniques

More areas of expertise:

3D design, AV media, digital media, photography