Digital media

Curriculum Vitae

Richard Jungkunz studied computer sciences and psychology at the Friedrich University Erlangen Nürnberg and after his graduation in 1992 he was occupied with the applied research and development of new technologies in education and training. At FIM-Psychology – Innovation in Learning Institute he collaborated in the cope of research projects with scientist across Europe. His main focuss was the user friendly and solution-orientied operation of application software and networks at the development of media-supported learning- and qualification systems. In theses times he worked as a freelance consultant and trainer as well as for different software companies, the publishing house education and knowledge, Nürnberg and as well as for the bavarian teacher and – education academy.

In 1996 he changed to the new media sector and worked for medium sized businesses of the new economy at Bonn. His day trade was the development of internet- and intranet applications at Commasoft, the conception of E-Marketing as well as the projects aquisition and development at Art at Work.

He gave up is job as the director of the development department for internet / intranet of the company IQENA (later Kabel New Media) and started to teach the area of digital media and telecooperation at the Köln International School of Design, where he teaches until today.


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