June 06, 5:00 p.m. to June 08, 2024, 1:30 p.m.
All lectures will be held in English.
Attending the conference will be free of charge. Registration is required.

The transdisciplinary international event »Intervening Drawing«, consisting of a conference and accompanying workshops, explores drawing as a practice of learning and recognition situated in time and space, through which not only is existing knowledge preserved and passed on, but new knowledge is created as well. The link between abstraction and visualization opens a window on drawing as an epistemic process that, through the act of capturing and rearranging observations and experiences, shares in the creation and formation of bodies of knowledge. 

The conference starts with drawings whose mediality is situated between text and image. Letters and characters appear alongside the drawn images, forging a link between the purely visual and the legible. A drawing conceived in this way functions not only as a tool for capturing a subject at a moment in time, but also as a meditation on or rehearsal of processes, movements, and actions. The drawing is revealed here as an opening up of possibilities and an interventional tool. 

This aspect of a drawing, in being more than what is visible in it, combines continuities of design and creation with those of the study involved in the act of drawing itself, showcasing drawing as part of a comprehensive context of learning and formation – development and honing of faculties of perception and representation, formation of insight and realization, development of forms and shapes, and actions in the public sphere that, in turn, provide a jumping-off point for processes of education. 

The event explores the interventional potential of drawing as an experiment rooted in praxis in social and cultural contexts. With the emergence of new forms of drawing and practices of cooperation, intermediation, and research along with interconnection, especially in the digital sphere, drawing is perfectly suited to initiating acts of resistance and collective participation. This kind of drawing practice interlaces situations and actions and can help to empower marginalized groups and develop social and ecological understanding. 

1. Drawing between text and image
2. Drawing as objection
3. Drawing as education


June 6–8, 2024

Köln International School of Design der TH Köln, Ubierring 40, 50678 Köln

Prof. Dr. Gesa Foken (Hochschule Darmstadt) und Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler (TH Köln)

The conference will be preceded by a workshop on collective drawing (27 May – 6 June 2024) with Lukas Hamilcaro, Marseille.



Thu, 6 June 2024
04:30 pm

5:00 pm
Introduction (Gesa Foken and Carolin Höfler)

Drawing between Text and Image I
Chair: Marco Hemmerling

5:30 pm
Peter Bertram: 4 Diagrams

6:30 pm
Exhibition opening
Collective Drawing by Lukas Hamilcaro

7:00 pm
Dining in the courtyard (non-public)

Fri, 7 June 2024

Drawing between Text and Image II
Chair: Marthe Krüger

09:00 am
Marc Pfaff: Line and Number: From the Operative Abstraction of Form to the In(ter)vention of Plan Drawings in Architectural Practices of Pre- and Early History

10:00 am
Christian Driesen: Disturbing Drawing: Doodling as Disfigurement

11:00 am

11:30 am
Lidia Gasperoni & Diana Lucas-Drogan: Performing the Counter-Mapping as Intervening Drawing

12:30 pm

2:00 pm
Visiting the Kolumba Museum and the Word Script Sign Exhibition

3:30 pm

Fri, 7 June 2024 

Drawing as Objection I
Chair: Jason Men

5:30 pm
Mbaye Diop: le dessin, du numérique à la matière; de la matière au numérique
(simultaneous live translation into English by Simon Meienberg)

7:00 pm
Dining in the courtyard (non-public)

Sat, 8 June 2024  

Drawing as Objection II
Chair: Jason Men

09:30 am
Larissa Fassler: Building Worlds

10:30 am

Drawing as Education
Chair: Gesa Foken

11:00 am
Canan Akoglu: From Sketching to Prototyping: The Power of Collective Creativity

12:00 pm
Björn Kühn: Technoid Realism

1:00 pm
Concluding Remarks

1:30 pm
Lunch in the coutyard

2:30 pm


Conference design: Yvonne Lober


  • Address Ubierring 40
  • City Cologne
  • Post Code 50678
  • Country Cologne

Date 6. June 2024 - 8. June 2024

Time 2:00 pm - 2:00 pm