Pia-Marie Stute


In today’s information society, people’s everyday lives are inextricably linked with technologies. Also they have been developed decades ago as a work tool computers nowadays no longer just define work. In our world interwoven with immaterial data streams computers support our everyday live. In the midst of the Internet of Things, IT systems are now hidden in formerly analogue everyday objects that have now taken on the role of autonomously acting assistants, pushing our actual interactions with technology into the background. The demand for a ›comprehensibility‹ of technologies sheds new light on the classical norms in human-machine interaction and provides an outlook on the qualities that can develop from the design task of mediating between the two. Where do humans stand between the two worlds of fluid bits and rigid atoms? In search of answers, the author of this book turns to the philosophy of technology and uncovers new design parameters that particularly illuminate the significance of corporeality and the role of material representationalism for the present and future of Interaction Design.


Language: German
Number of pages: 172
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-3473260-6-4

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