Sten Rüdrich


The majority of photographs which are nowadays produced globally are made by machines for other machines without these images being viewed by humans. Technologies of machine-based vision have lost their function as passive representatives and have become themselves influential actors. They are part of the infrastructure, control vehicles, monitor roads, want to sell consumer goods or launch drone attacks in the Middle East. They serve as tools to assert power. These ›sight machines‹, as well as Artificial Intelligence in general, are able to extent state control not only through their connection with a vast amount of data of billions of people. They have also evolved into new important tools for (surveillance) capitalism. This continuously and fine-meshed monitoring network by states and global companies can only be completely understood through a greater understanding of intelligent image recognition systems and their active interventions in our everyday life. The book Algorithmic Turn provides such an insight. Besides the examination of technical aspects as well as social and political implications of so-called Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the visual culture of surveillance and control, this book focuses especially on the perspectives and counter-perspectives that art offers us. Ultimately, all these considerations are resulting in an own photographic reflection on ›intelligent‹ sight machines. The resulting series of photographs translates the theme into a visual form that is intended to arouse deep interest among the viewer in algorithmic surveillance  and to initiate further discussion.


Language: German
Number of pages: 180
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-3473260-7-1

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