Dorothee Clasen, Oliver Köneke, Sascha Praet, and Till Maria Jürgens, students at KISD – Köln International School of Design of TH Köln, will receive a scholarship for their project “Integrated Interactions – Lab for exploratory interaction and material research“. The scholarship is granted by German Stifterverband and Reinhard Frank-Foundation. At KISD, the project is supported by Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler in the area of expertise “design theory and design research“.

Interaction Design, virtual realities, robot-based production processes, and smart materials: the progress in technology also entails the continuous advancement of learning processes and technologies. According to the German Stifterverband, these potentials and challenges of digital innovations for the realm of teaching still lack profound research. It is this shortage of high quality research in digital transformation processes that the “Digital Learning Transfer Fellowship“ by German Stifterverband and Reinhard Frank-Foundation wants to overcome.

In the context of the granted scholarship, the KISD students Dorothee Clasen, Oliver Köneke, Sascha Praet, and Till Maria Jürgens will develop, on a cross-faculty and transdisciplinary basis, the “Integrated Interactions Lab“ at TH Köln. The lab will focus on research on topics like new interaction patterns, man-machine-communication, haptic interfaces, hybrid materials, digital manufacturing processes, worlds of virtual reality, and phygital spatial structures.

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