Congrats to KISD graduate Enis Akiev. Her Bachelor Thesis “Plastic Stone Tiles“ will be shown to the international public at Milan “Salone de Mobile“ furniture fair from April 9 to April 14. The show is the world’s biggest furniture fair and was attended the last couple of years by almost 400,000 visitors. Enis Akiev’s BA thesis takes up a current and urgent topic with regard to environmental protection and deals with the recycling of plastic packaging. “Regarding the decline of natural raw resources, we must start to see waste more than ever as continuing step in a non-ending process instead of the end of a product’s life,“ Eniv Akiev stresses.

Her work adopts the fact that the majority of plastic waste ends up in the sea making the high longevity, the recycling, and the alternative use of plastic a much debated issue in the media and in environmental politics. Akiev in her work now makes use of plastic waste by transforming it into naturally looking rock-like structures that can be used for interior furnishings as aesthetically valuable material as “plastic stone tiles“. Thus, Akiev through her 2018 BA thesis sheds light on how we perceive natural resources, use and recycle plastic materials and maybe find ways for their alternative use – now to be exhibited at 2019 Milan “Salone de Mobile“ in April.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano
9. April bis 14.April
Fiera Milano Spa Rho
S.S del Sempione 28 Rho