Students of Holon, Israel worked together with KISDstudents to create this exhbition that is dedicated to the exchange of cultures between Tel Aviv and Cologne.

A delegation of 11 students led by Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer, along with 8 female students of the Holon Institute of Technology led by architect Galit Yavin Davidson, a lecturer in the interior design department, created the exhibition “Let’s talk Tacheles”.

“We created a kind of visual game that we called zoom in-zoom out. We discovered that just like us as people, cities also have an urban identity and movement.“ The students created a personal portrait of an urban girl based on their world of content and at the same time created an external portrait of the cities of Tel Aviv and Cologne where they live And they work. It turned out that the dreams and fears of the urban girl from Tel are similar to the dreams and fears of the girl from Cologne,” says architect Yavin Davidson

“It is interesting and important to see how young people manage to work together and bridge the gaps between them culturally. My connection with the department at the Holon Institute of Technology is great and it creates a symbiosis that leads to the elements of success. I feel that during the work, we became one” says Prof. Laubersheimer excitedly and adds that once next, the HIT students will come to hold the exhibition at the University of Cologne.

The exhibition takes place at the H.I.T in Holon between September 21 and September 30. It is supported by the Office of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in Israel. Pictures by courtesy of the Office of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in Israel.