ökoRausch Design & Sustainability festival takes place from August 28 until September 24, 2020, at MAKK, Museum for Applied Art, Cologne. The thesis “Myamo“ by KISD graduate Katharina Querbach represents KISD’s area of expertise “Design& Ecology“(supervised by Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo) at the exhibition for Design and Sustainability.
Lab Culture, Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo’s studio project, supports students in the development of projects with organic materials, digital technologies, open platforms, and participatory processes.
Myamo is a set of modular acoustical tiles, designed with Grasshopper and grown from agricultural waste and Mycelium, the root system of fungi.

The entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

ökoRAUSCH festival: https://www.oekorausch.de/en/
ökoRAUSCH exhibition: https://www.oekorausch.de/en/festival/festival-2020/exhibition-2020/