KISDedition is happy to announce rrrreflect. Journal of Integrated Design Research.

“rrrreflect” is a digital open-access journal featuring outstanding works of graduates, faculty, and guests of KISD in all areas of integrated design. It is published online and archived as a publication series by Cologne Open Science, using the Creative Commons license CC-BY.

With this design research journal, we open up an experimental field for textual and non-textual forms of knowledge, including image, video and sound. In doing so, we enter into a dialogue with the current discourse on the scientificity of design research and at the same time refer to the sensual dimensions of perception as epistemically constituting. Pronounced with a rolled ‘r’, the title is intended to evoke the growl of a wild animal that can burst out of the undergrowth of theory at any time.

The journal and its peer-review process are continuously being developed further, at KISD and in exchange with the international design research community. It employs an innovative publishing pipeline developed at KISD that allows generating websites and archivable PDFs from a common source using web-to-print technology.

rrrreflect was developed by KISD students within the KISD Research Working Group, supervised and supported by Lasse Scherffig, Carolin Höfler, Yvonne Lober, Simon Meienberg, and Conrad Weise.

The first issue features articles by KISD alumni Leon Schniewind, Finn Steffens, and Charlotte Werth.

Leon Schniewind’s article “BLANK – Eine rezeptionsästhetische Praxis” demonstrates the use of reception aesthetics in practical design work. In “Epidemic Geographies,” Finn Steffens analyzes diverging conceptions of geography and space during the covid-19 pandemic. With “Sustainability in Fashion: Project 03,” Charlotte Werth presents a series of practical experiments dealing with the usability of Janthinobacterium lividum bacteria as a method of sustainably dyeing fabrics.

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