The graduates Sten Rüdrich and Pia-Marie Stute have published their Bachelor’s theses in KISDedition, the publishing house of our institute. KISDedition publishes texts on various topics in a form that gives an impression of the diverse facets of the interdisciplinary programme Integrated Design and presents the different forms of teaching and research at KISD.

In his book Algorithmic Turn, Sten Rüdrich examines the socio-political effects of machine-based vision. AI systems that enable access to private data collections, do not only lead to an expansion of state control but also a new form of »surveillance capitalism« (Shoshana Zuboff). In order to put focus on this changing social order, the author addresses issues like intelligent image recognition systems and their active interventions in everyday life both theoretically and experimentally. In doing so, he develops an ethical position in the social handling with Artificial Intelligence.

Starting from physical objects equipped with sensors and software, Pia-Marie Stute is focusing on the demand for a ›comprehensibility‹of technologies, which has significant consequences for the relationship between humans and machines. Where do we stand between the two worlds of fluid bits and rigid atoms? In search of answers, the author of the book Begreifen refers to the philosophy of technology and reveals new design parameters that particularly illuminate the significance of corporeality and the role of material concreteness for the present and future of interaction design.

  • Sten Rüdrich: Algorithmic Turn: Unsichtbare Bilder algorithmischer Überwachung. Köln: KISDedition 2022. [more]
  • Pia-Marie Stute: Begreifen: Eine technikphilosophische Perspektive auf die Gestaltung von Schnittstellen. Köln: KISDedition 2022. [more]

The KISDedition Advisory Board, consisting of Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig, Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler, Simon Meienberg, David Sieverding and Martin Sistig, congratulates the authors on their publications.