The principle of KISD is not easy to understand at first glance, and the descriptions on our website can only partially reflect what studying at KISD actually means.

That’s why we recommend that those interested should definitely watch a few Friday presentations to get a taste of what’s happening at KISD. In the current Corona situation, they are done via Zoom. Dates and access data are published on the KISD homepage.

In addition, we offer regular consultations for prospective students, where your questions will be answered. We usually try to synchronize these consultations with the presentations. You do not have to register to participate. We are currently doing the consultations online, the access data will be communicated in good time on the KISD homepage.

The new consultations will start in October 2022, the dates will be communicated here.

If you have any questions, please contact the students in the applicant working group by sending an email to