Charlotte Triebus, graduated 2014 at KISD

“At KISD I learned how to develop good concepts that are the basis of my current work. I also mature my own perspective on design experiments and artistic research. Design – for me – means to create visions and different innovative concepts.“

Charlotte Triebus is a performance artist and multidisciplinary art director. Her aim is to investigate the potential of the intersections of art, dance and technology. In 2018 Charlotte founded the New Human Body Society. She also leads the artistic research department of Innovationshub Düsseldorf. Charlotte completed her postgraduate studies (MFA) of Fine Arts in Performance at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In 2014 Charlotte also graduated in the area of design thinking and identity after studying the Integrated Design program at Köln International School of Design and Dance Studies program at University for Music and Dance Köln (HfMT Köln). During her studies she spent a year in Sweden, followed by freelancing for the innovation agency IDEO.