Dr. Dirk Hohnsträter (*1968) holds a master degree in German Studies and Philosophy from the University of Tübingen and a Ph.D. from Berlin’s Humboldt University. His dissertation has been published unter the titleEcological Forms. The Ecological Crisis as a Cultural Problem. After six years of teaching and research in both the U.S. and Hungary, he currently works at the Institute for Media, Theatre, and Popular Culture of the University of Hildesheim with a particular focus on consumer culture. As a writer, he runs a blog called “INVENTUR”, regularly contributes radio features for WDR’s cultural program and published both a travel book and a crime novel. His most recent publications include a book on how screenwriters are pictured in feature films (2014). He also edited a book titledConsumption and Creativity (2016). https://inventur-blog.de


Designing Degrowth. Paradoxes and Perspectives

Degrowth is a growing business – which is just one of many paradoxes that accompany the transformation of modernity towards an ecology-driven economy that takes finite resources into account. Against the backdrop of such paradoxes this talk explores the role of design within the transformation process from a theoretical point of view. Particularly focusing on the micro-level of consumer culture, it scrutinizes three areas where design can make a positive impact. First, the topic of designing awareness will be reconsidered from the standpoint of recent theory. Second, by trying to learn lessons from modern design history, the possibility of designing blind spots will be discussed. Finally, the most challenging question of how to design excess in a post-growth economy will be raised.