Margot Ruschitzka is a professor for mathematics and data processing at Cologne University of Applied Science. She studied mathematics in Aachen and completed her doctoral work in the area of machine tool industry. From 1992 to 1994 she worked as an engineer with the software house Abacom in Aachen. In 1994 she went to the “Zentrum für industrielle Anwendungen massive Parallelität” (ZIAM) in Herzogenrath and worked as an independent consultant. In 1997 she was offered an employment at Cologne University of Applied Science where she has been leading an interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers, mathematicians and mechatronics technicians at the Cad Cam Center Cologne – 4C together with her husband Professor Dr. -Ing Christoph Ruschitzka.


Correct and Beautiful – The Virtual Immersive Urban Planning Model

Urbanization is one of the biggest trends of our time. For the first time there are more people living in the city than in rural areas. This is a challenge for the planer of urban development. The virtual urban planning model combines different databases and methods to gather physical information and to turn it into one reliable decision making foundation. The geometrical and optical correctness, i.e. both the outside appearance of the building and planning project plan play important roles. Thanks to the innovative geo measurement technique – using an intelligent laser scanner featuring need-based algorithmic designed and high-end visualization, a model was created which makes it possible to experience urban parts accurately in virtual reality surroundings. The use of valid data enables detailed planning for urban planners, architects, communal decision makers, and citizens.

Thanks to the work of an interdisciplinary team consisting of the Bonn geodetics from Pilhatsch, development engineers from Cologne University of Applied Science and the Cologne Creative Architects from HHVISION this project has been possible. It was
sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology.