M.A. Mauro Rego
graduated in 2012
Service Design Director at Designit, Cologne

What do you do at your job?
As Service Design Director, I lead the team and projects that have service development as a core. My role in projects is to co-define and steer the strategy and vision for services and products and lead the development and implementation. My daily activities include the definition of Designit’s positioning towards different topics, like Mobility, Finance and Health and keep helping my team to develop. Besides that, I am teaching Visualisation, Design and Innovation Methods for professionals in companies and universities.

How do you relate your studies to your current position?
My studies at KISD helped me to understand the complexity of problems and see everything as a design challenge. The discussions, projects and activities at the Master program have given me the maturity to sit at the leadership table and be more than an executor. At KISD, I have had the chance to experiment and explore topics and skills that gave me a curriculum beyond the usual designer.

What would you say to an applicant today?
Make sure that KISD is for you. At KISD, no one will take you by the hand got to use school and be part of the community. Don’t expect to be taught what to do neither how to do, instead experiment and design the new way of doing  (and fail a lot). Join every single opportunity that the school offers to work and learn from other students and lead activities to others.

What do you value most about your studies at KISD?
The open space and support for experimenting. At KISD, I have gotten all the resources to explore my passion topics and turn them into a valuable portfolio. Besides, it led me to experience other ideas that would never have occurred me otherwise.