Prof. Danielle Wilde
University of Southern Denmark, Kolding

My research uses food as a socio-culturally sophisticated material to render human/nature intermingling personal, sensual and relatable, by bringing challenging issues to the scale of the human body. Food is a biological necessity, a cultural gift, the most intimate and consistent material relationship humans engage in, a shared concern of all living beings. Participatory encounters with food can assist us to de-center human desire, understand challenging issues, and envision new ways of living. From embodied design through biology to food, this way of working uses luscious materiality and everyday familiarity to shape new social imaginaries, desirable alternate futures and radical ‘implementable nows’. It questions what design is and could be; and posits new ways to understand why and how designing matters.
Danielle Wilde is Associate Professor of Design at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding (SDU). She investigates how designing with, for and through the full sensorial richness of the human body might transform how design unfolds in a more-than-human world

The talk will be held in English language.