As part of the exhibition Animalia. Streifzüge von Los Angeles bis Mumbai at Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Thomas Hawranke and Lasse Scherffig are showing their work Animorphosis. The approximately twelve-minute video loop illustrates an excerpt from the book Animals and Society by anthropologist Margo DeMello using so-called artificial intelligence – statistical models based on the processing of vast quantities of images. A constant camera movement draws the viewer into a maelstrom of seamlessly merging images that, depending on the context, depict the unspecific word “animal” with specific animal species and lifeworlds. The work thus reveals clichés and representational conventions of human-animal relations and their inscriptions in contemporary technologies of image production.

The exhibition Animalia shows a selection of works by international artists who approach the coexistence of humans and animals from changing perspectives.

A video excerpt can be found here.

September 10th, 2023 – January 7th, 2024

Kunsthalle Darmstadt


Date 10. September 2023 - 7. January 2024