Daniel Kerber
Social Designer, Founder of “morethanshelters”, Hamburg/Berlin

“morethanshelters” (MTS) is a social initiative based in Hamburg and Berlin. For more than five years, MTS has been devising specific design resolutions for humanitarian purposes. How can you plan a refugee camp with 85,000 people, located in the middle of a desert, as a habitable place? How does a future shelter system look like? Which concept is to follow in order to adjust Berlin’s former airport Tempelhof, closed since 2008, to a now integrated and socially equitable facility for refugees?

By means of selected projects in the countries of Jordan, Nepal, Greece, and Germany, Daniel Kerber will show backgrounds and insights on how the interdisciplinary MTS team transforms mere survival spaces into spaces where people can live under humane conditions.


The talk will be held in English language.