At our public Friday Presentations, KISD students will present their first projects from the summer semester 2022. The presentations take place in room 11 at KISD.

Trouble-Makers – Hybrid Spaces for disruptive dialogue – room 11
Dr. Jennifer Schubert, Prof. Seçil Ugur Yavuz, Prof. Philipp Heidkamp Prof. Kris Krois

GSA Winter School/ Human- Environment Explorations and Interactions – room 11
Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (with GSA, Scotland and ELISAVA, Spain)

Sensing the More-than-human landscape – room 11
Zsofia Szonja Illes (MOME Budapest and GSA Glasgow), Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Mycelium Healing – room 288
Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo & Katharina Querbach

This presentation will also be streamed online in this Zoom room:
Meeting ID: 423 176 7815
Meeting Code: Friday