“SIP” and “MIP” means “Self Initiated Projects” and “Master Initiated Projects”. The study of Integrated Design contains a module in which students independently develop and implement exciting projects in groups. These projects will be presented publicly via Zoom on Friday, 11th February at 11:00 am. We welcome all who would like to watch!



Meeting-Link: https://th-koeln.zoom.us/j/4231767815

Meeting-ID: 423 176 7815

Password: Friday


Presentation Programm:

Sensemaking Abandonment

Byron Co, Sally Loutfy
Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler

Interpreting the object of the carpet as our safe space.

Alexander Griech, Esther Kantorek , Hannah Göbbels, Jood Khayal,
Justin Ackerschott, Lili Neuhauser, Semanur Cenol, Valentina Stahnke
Supervised by: Patricia Hepp

»What should I say… about Seoul«
David Wiesner, Youjin Kim, Omid Fröhlich
Supervised by: Prof. Iris Utikal

Face – Production Design
Luna Grüsgen, Citra Amongsari, Bea Timmermann, Imran Odabasi,
Sam Akande, Lena Hess, Tamara Zgraggen, Jonas Osburg
Supervised by: Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer

Octopus‘s Garden
Malte Kern, Paul Kundt
Supervised by: Thomas Hawranke

Lea Sevšek, Ema Simunec, Geoffrey Kwala, Isaac Lopez, Nitzan Tuvia
Supervised by: Prof. Nina Juric

Multifunctional Clothing
Ella Schieren, Enting Zhang, Carla Klutke, Noah Albrectsen, Lea Trübenbach
Supervised by: Patricia Hepp

Mycelium as a Material
Jutta Meisel, Samuel McBride, Henrike Xenia Hof,
Philippa Carlotta Fink, Ottilia Viola Funke, Noah Albrectsen
Supervised by: Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo

Tassiopeia – Development of a tactile communication tool
Ronja Preuss, Leon Moehring, Henrik Barth
Supervised by: Prof. Philipp Heidkamp