On Wednesday, July 6, 7 pm, KISD – Köln International School of Design cordially invites you to take part in the KISDedition Release Party. This time, KISDedition features, for example, these topics:

First, “About Forks and Chopsticks” by Binglu Gu is a study into the use and relationship women have with their smart phones. This book, initially a master thesis written in 2012, documents the empirical investigation into the everyday rituals and habits of well-educated women with their phones. It unfolds the differences and similarities of emotions and needs that go beyond the question of functionality.

Second, “The World as I Remember It: Inaccuracy as a Virtue in Map Design“ by David Normington. Maps represent a reflection of our world; a way for us as a people to document the world around us and to communicate it to others. Maps connect us, divide us and give context to our dreams. But are they honest? Starting from an exploration of the iconography and anthropology of map design, this book goes on to develop a new graphic representation of space based upon subjective data.

Third, “Fortsetzen – Vom Umgang mit der (Un-)Vorhersehbarkeit“ (“Continuations – Managing the (Un-)Predictable“) by Julia Dick shedding light on the analysis of sequels, possibilities, and the everlasting and ubiquitous process of continuation or seized and missed chances in design, culture, life, and society.

KISDedition is the publishing house of KISD and TH Köln and distributes selected graduation theses, project and research papers, documentary and conference reports of KISD professors, teachers, students, and national and international partners. The publications provide insight into the multifaceted approaches and perspectives of KISD’s design study programs and illustrate current trends and developments in design and related disciplines.

KISD is looking forward to welcoming you on July 6, 7 pm.


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  • City Cologne
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  • Country Cologne

Date 7. July 2016

Time 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm